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The business world continues to get increasingly complicated. Morally, ethically and procedurally managers and workers face challenges never before imaginable. Consumers' demand and global possibilities keep making imaginative possibilities fundamental to sustaining our world's current successes. Education innovation is key to creating that positive future.

Teachers and scholars play a vital role in shaping the capacity of our future business leaders. We hold the live-altering opportunities in our classroom moments, of we choose to actualize our student's potential and our own teaching potential. At Southwestern University, we believe such radical ideals require communities of dedicated people. That's why we initiated a national dialogue in 2006 and why we are launching this resource-sharing site today.

This site will facilitate collaborative knowledge exchange. Our purpose is to foster dialogue and resource sharing among teachers and scholars dedicated to cultivating responsible global citizens in today and tomorrow's business world. We believe in the power of positive change. And, we believe that by enhancing how we envision and create undergraduate business education, we inherently make tomorrow's world a better place.

Please bookmark our site. We're coming soon to this location. Soon, you'll be asked to contribute ideas, opportunities, best practices and links to the site. Join us as we seek to fan the flames of global social change by researching and teaching undergraduate business education with toward moral imagination, conscientious capitalism, critical thinking and analytical reasoning. Undergraduate business education is not just a formula anymore.

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